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Mendix Low-Code Application Development

The world is ever-changing and your company needs to be competitive to keep up. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition, optimize your processes, and at the same time keep customer satisfaction high? Our tool of the trade? The Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform (LCAP).

In Numbers

Discover the powerful insights of The Orange Force & Mendix.

30 experts

Mendix Experts in NL, US and DE

175+ years

Accumulated Mendix experience, 7+ years average

75 customers

Helped to achieve their digital ambitions

500+ devs

Trained by TOF to Mendix Advanced Developer level

Mendix the way to develop faster, more efficiently, and lower costs

The Only Platform You’ll Ever Need

Mendix, the award-winning Low-Code Application Development Platform (LCAP).

Develop faster, save time and money

Create new applications, products, and services up to 10 times faster than traditional programming methods. Use state-of-the-art development technologies and enterprise-level performance, security, and scalability.

Let your entire team collaborate in IT

Close the gap between Business and IT by creating fusion teams – people without an IT background (business analysts, SMEs) can participate in application development with LCAP platforms.

Create outstanding user experiences

Develop engaging desktop, tablet, and mobile applications, connect to any ERP/CRM system, and use composable modules and connectors to provide digital experiences that fit your target demographic perfectly.

Part of Siemens Digital Industries Software

With an innovation history that spans over 177+ years, Siemens has been continuously innovating the physical and digital worlds. Connect your factories, machines, and applications easily and integrate OT and IT.

“New waves of digital transformation continue to challenge the state of business capabilities across all verticals and create opportunities for technology disruptions.

Modern IT leaders cannot afford to rely solely on traditional, high-code application development approaches. They must accept the march of progress to higher abstraction levels for application development and embrace low-code platforms to accelerate application development.”

Gartner Research 2023

What can you build with Mendix?

Literally any idea for business applications can be built in Mendix, but here are some examples.

mendxi Low-Code App Development in practice.


Digitalize customer experiences

Create custom Desktop, Tablet, (Native) Mobile apps with an incredible time-to-market.

  • Pull in real-time data from your ERP and CRM systems like SAP, Salesforce, etc.
  • AI / Machine Learning services like OCR and text-to-speech.
  • Self-service portals, onboarding apps, etc.


Automate business processes

Add smart workflows, AI-driven decisions to work smarter.

  • Complex budget approvals.
  • Smart processing of claims through object and image recognition.
  • Automated timesheet and attendance registration based on NFC/RFID tags.
  • Predictive maintenance.
Automate business processes with Mendix Low-Code App Development.


Modernize core systems

Build on top of your backend systems.

  • ‘Keep the core clean’, build/customize your innovative solutions on top of your backend systems.
  • Extend your ERP/CRM with (offline) mobile capabilities.
  • Renovate legacy systems.
  • Smart Warehousing, Work order management solutions.

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