The Orange Force Labs becomes new official Mendix training partner

Certified Mendix partner, The Orange Force (TOF), branches out into the training sector as an official Mendix training partner with The Orange Force Labs. Through The Orange Force Labs, a team comprised of TOF Mendix certified trainers and consultants with years of hands-on project experience will provide Mendix training and Expert Workshops both online, offline, and onsite. 

The Orange Force Labs understands that mastering Mendix isn’t just about learning the basics. It’s about honing the skills needed to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape. That’s why the team is comprised of seasoned consultants with years of hands-on project and development experience. 

Our experienced trainers

Take Mendix Certified Trainers Yves Rocourt and Jeffrey Kwee for example. Rocourt is a certified Mendix developer who has previously led the TimeSeries University and Mendix’s Learning Programs, including the Mendix Academy. And Kwee has more than 12 years of experience in Mendix development and has been a guest lecturer for students at universities in the Netherlands for years. Our trainers don’t just teach Mendix; they live and breathe it, drawing from real-world scenarios to provide practical, actionable insights that empower our clients to succeed.

The Orange Force Labs has created an all-round training offer, designed to facilitate training for both individual developers and entire Mendix teams with training on all levels. So, whether you are starting with Mendix as a developer or an organization or looking to up-skill there is a training program that suits your needs.

Bootcamps & Expert Workshops

In addition to the standard Mendix training, the possibility to participate in bootcamps and expert workshops about, for example, Mendix & AWS, Generative AI, RFID, UX/UI, and IoT is also provided. If there are specific needs that aren’t included in the existing offer tailor-made training is also a possibility. Training events are available as both public and private events. The length of the training varies per option and can vary from a few days up to multiple weeks. More information on the training offers, pricing, and registration can be found on our website:

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