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We love teaching people how to fish. And by fishing, we mean creating smart, innovative solutions!
Discover multiple ways in which our experts can train you and your team, according to your own starting level of expertise.

Mendix training

Learn to build your first applications using the Mendix platform, whether you have previous IT experience or not!

Mendix Experts from The Orange Force are experienced Mendix trainers and coaches and have trained more than 200 Mendix Developers up to Advanced Developer level. We have helped train Mendix Centers of Excellence for both Mendix customers and Mendix partners, enabling them to add value to their organizations quickly. 

The Orange Force Experts have actively contributed to the Mendix Academy program and are also proficient at training Agile Scrum teams and Agile Product Owners. 

Are you interested in how we can help your organization develop smarter and faster with Mendix?

Agile Scrum training

Well begun is half done.
If you have a development platform that can develop new, user-friendly and enterprise-grade software in days, you need to align your organization and it’s people to make sure the development team develop their functionality right, but also develop the right functionality.
Agile Scrum is a structured approach and methodology used in application development to align stakeholder needs and streamline the work that needs to be carried out, while minimizing overhead and maximizing productivity.

The key figure within Agile Scrum is the Product Owner, a role usually filled in by someone from within the customer organization.
The Product Owner aligns demands and needs, gives direction to the functionality that is developed and is crucial for the successful development and delivery of a new product (software).

Don’t have a Product Owner within your organization? No worries, we’ll train you in just one day!

Can we help you realize business agility within your organization?

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