Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Optimize your business, automate processes, save time and resources by combining technologies like Mendix and inexpensive RFID technology!


  • Data + Trigger = Action
  • Use inexpensive RFID-tags to uniquely identify your physical assets (like items in stock, machines, vehicles) and your personnel
  • Use stationary or handheld RFID-readers and antennae in smart positions to detect presence, movement and combination of multiple tagged assets
  • Automate actions to add a layer of intelligence to your processes, based on the detected ID of the assets
  • Well-known RFID examples: Bank cards, access / security clearance badge (NFC), identification document (passport, drivers license), retail store product labels
RFID and Smart Warehouse Management by The Orange Force


  • Faster/smarter identification, reduce search times
  • Work faster, minimize manual labor with smart automation and processing
  • Get real-time data and historical data regarding asset GPS location, status, temperature, etc. (in combination with IoT)
  • Create new business models, i.e. Digital Twin, Smart Maintenance, etc.
  • And many more benefits that help you collaborate, accelerate and innovate!

“Item-level RFID is transforming operational efficiencies in the retail store as it can achieve inventory accuracy rates of over 98%, enable real-time inventory visibility, increase labor savings, improve loss prevention as well as a myriad of other use cases.”

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Adding business value with RFID: examples

RFID Solutions - General application

General application

  • Smart stock keeping
    Automatically identify and allow/deny, check in/out in ERP/CRM, enforce specific access rules
  • Track and trace
    Track real-time location, traceability throughout process, history and who’s working on/handling it
  • Quickly access specific information
    Identify an asset and provide specific information like metadata, manuals, security guidelines and legal documentation
  • Etc.
RFID Solutions - Manufacturing


  • Smart warehouse management
    Use RFID to update inventory in ERP, location on warehouse shelves, shop floor
  • Optimize production process
    Easily integrate PLM data, save time in production steps, mitigate safety risks for employees, shorten employee onboarding time
  • Realtime updates (combined with IoT)
    Process and physical status, current handler, extrapolate next production step
  • Etc.
RFID Solutions - Retail


  • Theft / loss prevention
    RFID to track and trace items within shops, warehouses, and real time updates in POS applications
  • Realtime inventory management
    Quick check in/out, update stocks, just-in-time ordering and logistics, minimize overhead, optimize vendor strategy
  • Increase sales, boost customer loyalty
    Provide premium customer services based on unique product RFID IDs, automate loyalty programs
  • Etc.
RFID Solutions - Construction


  • Smart asset lifecycle management (ALM)
    Scan assets, installations, mechanical components, etc. through walls and ceilings with RFID and link to BIM, maintenance data
  • Field Service Management
    Quickly inspect and perform work, minimize search times
  • Operational efficiency
    Manage just-in-time delivery of the correct building materials with RFID
  • Etc.
RFID Solutions - Logistics


  • Fully transparent logistics chain
    Use RFID to track which asset was where at what time, who was responsible and who performed what action?
  • Product Lifecycle Management
    Track and trace an asset over time, including repairs and returns
  • Automate handling of batches
    Update ERP/CRM data, automate processes with warehouse / store / POS data
  • Etc.
RFID Solutions - Professional Services

Professional services

  • Automate administration
    Identify employees with RFID badges, check in/out, automate timekeeping
  • Shorten employee onboarding
    Link employees with the correct uniform and equipment, help less skilled employees view manuals/videos for a specific asset
  • Realtime updates
    Item status, who worked on it, temperature
  • Etc.

… And many more examples!

What The Orange Force and RFID can do for you

RFID and Smart Warehouse Management by The Orange Force

Want to get started with intelligent automation based on RFID technology?
The Orange Force has successfully implemented RFID solutions for customers all over the world in all kinds of markets such as manufacturing, logistics and construction.

The Orange Force RFID Experts can help you and your company by…

  • Helping you shape your business case, aimed at delivering business value with RFID
  • Identifying unrealized value by inspecting existing processes and filling in gaps with innovative solutions
  • Supporting your business case, business model or idea with technical feasibility workshops
  • Advising your company on the hardware and software needed to deliver business value
  • Extending your existing applications, such as Mendix applications, Java, .NET, SAP etc. with RFID
  • And much more!

Interested in an open conversation about how cutting edge technologies such as Mendix, IoT and RFID can augment your business?

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