Internet of Things (IoT)

Make your assets smarter, work faster and create new business models by combining technologies like Mendix and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors!


  • Data + Trigger = Action
  • Use smart IoT sensors to let your assets communicate with each other, execute physical actions, collect and send data
  • One data collector can contain multiple IoT sensors to collect multiple data points, such as GPS location, temperature, air quality, audio volume, fill level, distance to point, battery level, acceleration, harmonic vibrations, etc. If you can think of it, you can measure it.
  • Use smart software to act upon this data and determine/plan/execute next steps in a process, like starting a machine, executing actions, notifications, triggers, logging data
  • Many networks and protocols support IoT data transfer such as Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, Z-Wave, Zigbee, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, etc.
  • Existing ‘dumb’ assets can be made smart by extending them with IoT sensors, for instance placing an IoT camera on an analogue gauge
  • Well-known IoT examples: Almost everything containing ‘Smart’ in its name: cars, speakers, household appliances, lighting, speech assistants, domotics systems, security systems, robots, smart watches, energy meters, garbage disposals, horticultural installations, sports equipment, etc.
IoT and Smart IoT sensors by The Orange Force


  • Work smarter, let your assets proactively tell you what they need, where and when instead of manually checking by your employees, which costs time and money
  • Smart IoT sensors combined with smart software like Mendix provide numerous advantages, like:
    • Real-time data and insights in your processes
    • Reduction of manual labor
    • Faster and safer processes and production methods
    • Less time needed to onboard new employees
    • Happier employees dealing with less administrative tasks
    • etc.
  • Get both real-time data and historical data regarding asset GPS location, status, temperature, etc.
  • Create new business models, i.e. Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance, Product-as-a-Service, etc.
  • And many more benefits that help you collaborate, accelerate and innovate!

“63% of enterprises expect they will achieve financial payback in 3 years for their IoT projects.”

Gartner Research

Adding business value with IoT: examples

IoT Solutions - General application

General application

  • Many of the same benefits that RFID technology offers, like identifying unique assets, tracking and tracing of physical assets and employees, providing transparent end-to-end processes, giving / denying access, etc.
  • Remote monitoring
    Save time and travel costs by having your asset communicate its status with you instead of having to send an employee to check upon it.
  • Products-as-a-Service
    Proactively monitor your assets and service/replace them, upgrade them over the air (OTA) and build new business models and revenue streams.
  • If This, Then That-style automation
    Automatically create tasks, notifications for both your human workforce as well as your machines, vehicles, warehouse, ERP/CRM system, etc.
  • Collect and prepare datasets for AI/ML
    Send collections of data points to your data lake/data warehouse to train AI/ML models, detection patterns and understand interdependencies between assets.
  • Etc.
IoT Solutions - Manufacturing


  • Realtime performance optimization
    Use IoT to monitor your shop floor, production process and its components like robots, machines, collect operational and performance data anywhere and at any time.
  • Product development and R&D
    Develop new products based on real usage data, with offerings that adapt to end user needs. Create Digital Twins and link them to your PLM, BIM, ERP, CRM systems.
  • OT / IT for the future
    With the right IoT connectivity and security features, companies can push software, firmware and other updates remotely.
  • Energy Management
    Understand, optimize and manage energy use of your machines, production lines, reduce consumption and costs.
  • Etc.
IoT Solutions - Retail


  • Customer engagement 3.0
    IoT helps increase sales and boost customer loyalty by providing real-time personalized communication to your shoppers, targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Speed up in-shop decision making
    In-store navigation with smart IoT devices using Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID, AR, sensor enabled shopping carts, etc.
  • Optimize store operations
    Use non-intrusive IoT sensors to measure occupancy, shelf space usage, real time stock replenishment, staff allocation, etc. for cost optimization.
  • Etc.
IoT Solutions - Construction


  • Create Digital Twins for optimized designs and deliveries
    Use IoT devices and BIM information to set up Digital Twins of your structure, syncing as-designed with as-built models in real-time to optimize construction.
  • Increase safety
    Monitor equipment and machinery, temperatures, lubrication levels, etc. Monitor employees and their fatigue levels to prevent safety incidents.
  • Concrete curing
    Use IoT sensors in concrete during casting and track concrete curing in real-time, saving time and money in construction planning.
  • Etc.
IoT Solutions - Logistics


  • Fully transparent logistics chain
    Track which asset, from individual item to entire transport, was where at what time, who was responsible and who performed what action. Monitor temperature, humidity, G-forces, etc. in real-time to ensure perfect delivery.
  • Enable autonomous vehicles and drones
    Increase speed and efficiency of logistics operations by using smart, IoT-powered drones and autonomous vehicles in your warehouses and delivery routes.
  • Smart Warehouse Management
    Automatically update current inventory, ERP/CRM data, space utilization etc. in your smart warehouses, logistic centers, distribution centers, etc.
  • Etc.
IoT Solutions - Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Smart cities
    Use IoT to monitor and take action: from the amount of people at a public event to waste management, traffic monitoring, water level monitoring, video surveillance & analytics, everything is possible!
  • Vehicle monitoring and management
    Proactively track, trace, maintain and replace vehicles in public transport, manage electrical charging infrastructure, connected vehicles etc.
  • Reduce pollution and increase safety
    Use IoT sensors to detect pollution in water supply lines, air pollution in certain areas. Build IoT sensors into infrastructure like buildings, roads, bridges and energy grids to help monitor public safety.
  • Etc.

… And many more examples!

What The Orange Force and IoT can do for you

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Want to get started with intelligent automation based on IoT technology?
The Orange Force has successfully implemented IoT solutions for customers all over the world in all kinds of markets such as manufacturing, logistics and construction.

The Orange Force IoT Experts can help you and your company by…

  • Helping you shape your business case, aimed at delivering business value with IoT
  • Identifying unrealized value by inspecting existing processes and filling in gaps with innovative solutions
  • Supporting your business case, business model or idea with technical feasibility workshops
  • Advising your company on the hardware and software needed to deliver business value
  • Extending your existing applications, such as Mendix applications, Java, .NET, SAP etc. with IoT and RFID
  • And much more!

Interested in an open conversation about how cutting edge technologies such as Mendix, IoT and RFID can augment your business?

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